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Shanghai celebrates with Riesling and Dornfelder

… and Dornfelder from Germany.As a partner of the festival, the international agency of the German Wine Institute (DWI), together with a team of professional sommeliers, presented the visitors with various…  

Germany's vintners expect early harvest

… should be ready for the main harvest in early September. The very first so called "Ferderweißer" (new wine = partially fermented young wine) can probably be expected in mid-August.All in all, Germany's…  

Theme Weeks: The wonderful world of pinots from Germany

…Under the hashtag #burgunderwunder, The German Wine Institute starts its last theme weeks and invites you on a two-week trip into the fascinating world of pinot wines from Germany.  

Frankfurt International Wine Trophy awards 190 German wines

Für die 4. Edition der Frankfurt International Wine Trophy wurden 2.064 Weine in privaten Verkostungsräumen der Veranstalter bewertet. Über drei Wochen traf sich ab Mitte April ein ausgewählter Kreis an Fachverkostern in Sitzungen von jeweils drei Personen. …A good 2,000 wines were tasted and evaluated for the Frankfurt International Wine Trophy 2020. From mid-April, a selected group of sommeliers, oenologists, wine dealers and trade journalists met for three weeks in…  

International Organic Wine Award 2020: Results of Spring Tasting

International Organic Wine Award German Wine …The first of two tastings for the International Organic Wine Award 2020 took place with 28 tasters all over Germany in a "virtual room". Winemakers from 18 countries did not want to forgo the quality competition, even…  

Salmon with Japanese hollandaise and green asparagus

…The German Wine Institute runs a topical page "wine & food". Find this seasonal dish and a corresponding wine recommendation in the asparagus section.  

Spotlight on Germany's regional grape varieties

Grill Barbecue with Wine … under the hashtag #regionalehelden (local heroes), the DWI will focus on the diversity of our local wines. Grape varieties are presented that are particularly characteristic of their respective region -…  

Election of the German Wine Queen to take place

…The traditional election of the German Wine Queen will take place in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse again this year. The German Wine Institute (DWI), SWR and the city of Neustadt agreed on this in coordination with the…  

Sparkling Theme a Bubbling Success

…The theme #perlenimglas is being enjoyed by sparkling wine fans on social media. 18 video clips and posts with sparkling wine producers, experts and the trio of German wine sovereigns amongst others, have already…  

Germany: Local Wines in Demand

…In the first quarter of this year, German consumers increasingly turned to domestic wines. As a result, sales of German wines increased by four percent and turnover by two percent compared to the same quarter of the…