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Germans Reaching for More White than Red

… German consumers purchased more white wine than red this past year.As revealed by the German Wine Institute (DWI) at the start of the international ProWein trade fair, 46 percent of all wines purchased in…  

Rising revenues for German wine sales

… in 2018 in a year-over-year comparison. The statistics were measured in a study by the German Wine Institute (DWI) ahead of the ProWein trade fair. The data was collected as part of the GfK Wine Market…  

Riesling birthday festivities taking place on a global scale

… 15th and the first half of the 16th century.Editor's note: For the years to come, The German Wine Institute (DWI) plans to integrate and establish #RieslingBirthday (march 13th) in its’ annual communication-…  

Average price of German wine exports at a record high

…Last year, consumers abroad spent on average more for German wine than ever before. As the German Wine Institute (DWI) reports, the average price for a litre of exported wine in 2018 rose by 15 cents to 3,04 € (prime…  

German and Bordeaux wines: A first promising cooperation in the USA

… the Bordeaux wine council Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB) and the German Wine Institute (DWI) will launch the first ever joint promotion of their wines in the United States in March 2019.  

Germany: Consumption of Dry Wines on the Rise

…Wines from the German regions are being increasingly offered in dry styles. According to the German Wine Institute (DWI), the share of dry quality and Prädikat wines came to 48 percent last year, once again one…  

Growth market USA: Experts with know-how in demand

…On January 16th, The German Wine Institute (DWI) hosted a U.S. Forum in Wiesbaden. This allowed industry members in Germany to explore the United States wine trade and how to enter the world’s largest wine market amidst…  

Sparkling ProWein Presence of the German Wine Institute 2019

… DWI Pavilion with Generation Riesling alongside - “Germany Sparkles” – Such is the slogan of the German Wine Institute (DWI) at this year´s ProWein Trade Fair in Düsseldorf.  

German Wine Institute puts focus on German Sekt 2019

…This coming year the German Wine Institute (DWI) will focus increasingly on German sparkling wines, called “Sekt”. This will become especially apparent at ProWein 2019, where “Germany ´s Sparkling Wines” will be the…  

Scandinavia: German wine sales continue to rise

… by Sweden (7th), Finland (10th) and Denmark (15th). Monika Reule, managing director of the German Wine Institute, is convinced that German wine has a great future in the Nordic countries: “A recent worldwide…