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Morio-Muskat The name of this crossing of Silvaner and Muskateller derives from its breeder, Peter Morio, and its characteristically strong, rich bouquet that is reminiscent of Muscat…


Malbec / Côt

Malbec / Côt Malbec is a red grape variety that has its origins in the southwestern French region of Cahors and is also known in France under the name Côt. It is most widespread today in Argentina…


Syrah / Shiraz

Syrah / Shiraz Syrah is a natural cross between the very old varieties Mondeuse Blanche and Dureza. It probably comes from the Rhone Valley in France and is grown worldwide, mostly in France with…


Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc The red grape variety Cabernet Franc has been native to Bordeaux for centuries. A total of 38,700 hectares (2016) are planted with this vine in France. Cabernet Franc prefers a…



Merlot is one of the most grown red wine varieties worldwide and has now entered the top ten red wine varieties of Germany. It has been cultivated since the 18th century in France yet has only…



Acolon - fine fruit, good structure This red wine variety grown in Weinsberg in Württemberg has gained a place in the German red wine range within a few years. As early as 1971, the vine growers…



Domina - aroma and taste of fresh blackberries A promising, and relatively new, red wine grape, Domina is a crossing of Portugieser and Spätburgunder that was bred at the Institute for Vine…


Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon was documented in France as far back as 1635. Approx. 250,000 ha of this grape are grown worldwide. In Germany, total plantings amount to 400 ha (2018), approx. half of which are…


Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent ripens early, which can be hazardous with May frosts, so is therefore usually only grown in central locations. This also prevents the acid levels from remaining too high. The variety…



Regent has many advantages - early ripening, an above average must weight, a high resistance to winter frosts and a good resistance to downy mildew, oidium and botrytis therefore reducing the need…