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Rosé wines

How is Rosé wine made? In order to create Rosé, the red grapes are only lightly pressed initially. The so-called mash resulting from this light pressing is then left to rest for a while, to give…



Wine Festivals and Events Find topical wine events, wine seminars or wine fairs in Germany! read moreBest vineyard views Since 2012 Wines of Germany has been electing what it considers to be the…



Weißburgunder This ancient variety, which is known as Pinot Blanc in France, grows in fertile or chalky soil and ripens quite late. It is harvested later than Müller-Thurgau but earlier than…



Silvaner Silvaner is an old variety that once was the most important grape in Germany. In 1970 23% of German vineyards were planted with the Silvaner grape, however by 2018, it accounts…



Kerner Kerner is a crossing of Trollinger and Riesling, bred in 1969 in Württemberg and named after a local poet, Justinius Kerner. Compared with Riesling, it can grow in sites with less…


Walks through Wine Country

On the Wine Trail The 13 German wine regions offer hiking enthusiasts a wide range of experience and enjoyment possibilities. Excellent wineries, wine-cultural highlights and beautiful wine…


Famous vineyard sites

Assmannshausen's 'Hellishly' Steep Site - Spätburgunder Par Excellence Although the Rheingau is best known for its Riesling wines, the Spätburgunder grape has also been cultivated here for…


Wine Places in Berlin

NOER WeinhandelThe great thing is: You can come in here as a complete wine novice and leave again, happy and contented, with the right bottle. Read moreottorink For many years as a…



Profile According to German Wine Law, semi-sparkling wine is defined as wine which has an excess of carbon dioxide compared to still wines. While most of the CO2 escapes during the fermentation of…


Wines of Germany

Wineries Here you can find an overview of wine producers with contacts, information about wines and grape varieties they are growing as well as services. find wineriesImporter of German Wine…