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Outstanding Vinotheks

…tanding Vinotheks In 2016 the German Wine Institute (DWI) awarded 50 vinotheks in all 13 German wine growing regions. They were selected according to strict quality criteria from around 200 applications by a specialist…


Climate & Weather

… grapes to ripen this far north. Nevertheless, the climate and weather in Germany's wine-growing regions pose challenges to viticulture that are unknown in the Mediterranean region. During vegetation,…


Vintner Stories

… ihren Beruf leben.Winegrowers tell their stories Thousands of winegrowers in Germany's 13 wine regions work dusk to dawn fulfilling their own personal vision of what wine can and should be. Their talent…



… and villages. Metal stelae denote these wine-tourism destinations across Germany’s 13 wine-growing regions. read moreFamous vineyard sites These viewpoints offer especially spectacular views of the…


Dr. Hoon Choi

… and travelled to the country many times from 2003 to 2014, to taste wines from all 13 wine regions, while dedicating himself to promoting German wines to Korean consumers. Currently, he is writing a…


Lars Daniëls

… memory of his friend René van Heusden, who toured extensively with Daniëls through the German wine regions before his unexpected passing.


Nico Knott

… Nico Knott AG, with wines and spirits from around the world and a special focus on wines from German regions. Thanks to his strong contacts with German winegrowers and support from the German Wine Institute,…


Tomasz Prange-Barczyński

… Tomasz Prange-Barczyński has long served as an ambassador for German wines in Poland. The German wine regions, wine producers and their wines are perpetually a standard part of his many articles and…


Nils Flaaten

… piece by piece to that roster over time and now boasts 60 wines from various German winegrowing regions. In the early 90s Nils Flaaten was initially ridiculed for his dedication to German wine, as at…


Hugh Johnson

… of The World Atlas of Wine in 1971 was considered the first serious attempt to map the world's wine regions. Since its launch in 1973 Johnson has been President of The Sunday Times Wine Club, part of…