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10th International German Wine Academy in Wuerttemberg

…nction with an informative tour through Wuerttemberg, includes topics such as “The Young Wine Generation” or “Riesling – 1,000 Possibilities”, as well as facts and figures from the German wine industry.Through…  

Riesling & Co. Tokyo: Japanese pro's enjoyed 'Wines of Germany'

… Institute's Japan-office offered seminars for 80 guests, a press tasting of wines from 'Generation Riesling' newcomers and an importers meeting in the evening hours.  

Summer of Riesling celebrates Germany’s Most Diverse and Food-Friendly Wine

… and Experts Kick Off Nationwide Promotion in New York City: Wines of Germany USA launched the Summer of Riesling – a nationwide celebration of the most versatile wine – with a food and wine experience on June 25th…  

German Riesling triumphs at Chinese wine competition

…A Mosel Riesling is the first white wine to win the Shanghai Wine100 Challenge. This premiere might bring China’s red wine obsession to an end, The Drinks Business suggests in its’ recent online issue.  

Forbes sees "buzz" for Wines of Germany

… cites from a respective 'Wines of Germany'-thesis, confirming an awareness upswing for the old Riesling Nation with its' new 'Generation Riesling' image. The new "hyperbole" eases the way for…  

Interactive map of Germany’s wine growing regions launched

… views of viniculture landscapes in Germany and numerous wineries.more press releasesGeneration Riesling, Geburtstagsparty, Jungwinzer-Organsisation, 10, 10 Jahre, Jubiläum  

German winegrowers plant more white varieties

Wurde in den Falstaff-„Talenteschuppen“ aufgenommen: Victoria Lergenmüller vom Weingut Sankt Annaberg in Burrweiler in der Pfalz … of Pinot Blanc. In the case of Pinot Gris, they take second place behind Italy with 5,947 ha.Riesling traditionally holds the top position in the German Grape Statistics. Its share of plantings was up…  

Generation Riesling is 10 years young

… ambassadors of Germany´s modern, high-quality and dynamic wine production: The members of Generation Riesling, the young growers´ movement that is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year! "Ten years young"…  

Wines of Germany announces another five new "Riesling Fellows"

…The Riesling Fellowship was proud to be joined last night by top German Riesling producers and members of the Asian trade for a gala dinner at Renaissance Harbour View Hotel in Hong Kong. The evening, organised on the…  

Generation Riesling welcomes its 500th member

…In the tenth year since its founding, the Generation Riesling initiative of the German Wine Institute (DWI, Wines of Germany) has grown to 500 young players with responsible positions in the wine industry. On 21 April…