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Trend: Riesling and Pinot Noir from Germany gain popularity online

… land of Riesling, e.g. by means of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing. read also: WOM impulses boost global awareness for Wines of Germany Wines of Germany extends…  

Vintner's "Glühwein" (mulled wine): List of providers

…dy-to-drink Glühwein produced from individual recipes. Vintner’s Glühwein can also be found in most Christmas markets – especially in the wine growing regions. Have a look on this list (pdf).Vintner’s Glühwein is very…  

Germany, world's largest consumer market for sparkling wine

… taste for fizz is not just limited to their own production: Germany is the world's largest consumer market for sparkling wine. Of the roughly two billion bottles of sparkling wine annually produced worldwide,… "A Riesling fit for Donald Trump"

… In the he stresses how important it was for his employer to focus early on the export markets. Some 40 percent of the company's wines are now sold abroad, Batarseh says. The US is a key market.…  

Germany's Sommelier Cup 2016 goes to Timo Weisheidinger

… of domestic grape varieties. They were asked to specify structural data on viticulture and the wine market and had to demonstrate their knowledge of wine-making and the wine law. Other tasks focused the…  

Germany´s 68th Wine Queen is Lena Endesfelder from the Mosel

Die 68. Deutsche Weinkönigin heißt Lena Endesfelder … her confident manner and competence. She also excelled in her one-minute speech on the subject of “Wine marketing in China – Four Helpers for the DWI”, in which she had to spontaneously integrate four prominent…  

Wine Institute honours best aromatic wines

… niche segment “, Reule said. Moreover, she also sees opportunities for this wine style in some foreign markets, such as the USA, the Netherlands and Great Britain. In these countries, the younger generation as…  

Riesling & Co. Tokyo: Japanese pro's enjoyed 'Wines of Germany'

… success, the German Wine Institute has implemented trade and gastro promotions in many other wine markets as well. If you are interested in participating, please let us know:…  

MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales: Apply Today!

… challenges for sustainable business management, including globalization and the introduction of new markets that it brings, climate change, shifts in customer behavior, and running large companies with more…  

German Riesling triumphs at Chinese wine competition

… this amazing result reflects a shift in perceptions and sentiment for German wine in the China the original article“Beautiful and an off-dry classic,” Haag’s Riesling beat nearly 800 other…