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Travel Tips for German Wine Regions

… around 460 kilometers. read moreWellVinEss and Vinotherapie Wine-themed hotels in the Pfalz and Mosel are waiting to spoil you with wine and wellness. In the Pfalz, eleven renowned hotels have committed…


Offers from the wine travel specialists for 2020

… and a gourmet weekend in Worms, which can be combined with a day trip to wineries on the Nahe and Mosel in April. The Dresden travel company Augustustours is organizing two six-day wine…


WellVinEss and Vinotherapie

… and winemakers are a key part of this offering. Vinotherapy in the Mosel region: Individual hotels on the Mosel also use the power of the grape in so-called vinotherapy. This…


Qualified Wine Guides - Cultural and Wine Ambassadors

… Culture and Wine Ambassador Rheinhessen e.V. Visitors to the Mosel, Saar and Ruwer can now rely on around 100 Culture and Wine Ambassadors to share their knowledge of the…



… Lemberger Schwarzriesling Spätburgunder 2.160 2.120 1.718 1.418 1.324 19,0 18,7 15,1 12,5 11,7 Mosel, 8.770 ha 90,5 : 9,5 Riesling Müller-Thurgau Elbling Spätburgunder 5.393 979 487 400 61,5 11,2 5,6…



… Lemberger Schwarzriesling Spätburgunder 2.195 2.113 1.714 1.443 1.311 19,4 18,7 15,2 12,8 11,6 Mosel, 8.796 ha 90,5 : 9,5 Riesling Müller-Thurgau Elbling 5.395 1.021 496 61,3 11,6 5,6 Quelle / Source:…



… all 13 German wine-growing regions, traditionally in the steep or sloping valleys of the Rhine and Mosel Rivers and their tributaries (Ahr, Nahe, Saar, Ruwer, Neckar) that straddle the 50th degree of latitude…



… u München na Freiburg Salzburg Kempten Basel Hof Bayreuth M Trier Chemnitz Suhl Wiesbaden MOSEL Dresden Gera MITTELRHEIN AHR Erfurt Siegen SACHSEN Leipzig Düsseldorf Konstanz Bregenz …



… in e C o u ntry G E R M A N Y Welcome to Zeitgeist then and now: Lubentiushof winery in Niederfell, Mosel W e l com e to W in e C o u ntry G E R M A N Y wine country Germany 36 7 35 8 W e l com e to W…



… sich dabei unterschiedliche Ertragssituationen ab: Während die Erntemengen in Baden und an der Mosel zwölf Prozent unter dem Vorjahresertrag lagen, konnte man zum Beispiel in Württemberg vier Prozent und…