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Frosty nights ensure another successful ice wine harvest

For the third time in this wine year the thermometer dropped to minus seven degrees Celsius and below. Winegrowers again had the chance to harvest frozen grapes for the production of ice wine.After  

The 15 best sparkling German wines awarded in Denmark

Germany's 15 best sparkling wines on the Danish market have been selected from 61 wines. Those made from Riesling rated highly, but those made from traditional grape varieties used to produce  

The JamesSuckling-Top100 Wines of Germany 2020 List

21.12.2020 speaks of Germany as "one of the most exciting regions of the year" and has published a "Top 100 Regional Report". Renowned editor Stuart Pigott commented that he couldn't remember  

Icewine harvest in Germany: List of producers

On November 30th, winegrowers in several German wine regions like Nahe, Rheinhessen, Pfalz, Franken and Rheingau were able to successfully harvest frozen icewine grapes at freezing temperatures. We  

@deutscheweine's tweetbook

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Leitz wins prestigious Swedish wine prize "Gyllene Glaset 2020"

The honourable and well recognized Swedish award "Gyllene Glaset 2020" (the golden glass) is annually awarded to profiles within the wine world for their outstanding achievements and recognition on  

The 2020 vintage in the German winegrowing regions

The 2020 vintage produced a very high quality nationwide. The German Wine Institute (DWI) presents below how the vintage developed in the 13 German growing regions.Drought, turbo-charged autumn and  

The popularity of mulled wine from vintners continues unabated

Mulled wine, especially from local vintners, is becoming increasingly popular. The spiced hot beverage known as Glühwein is especially enjoyed in the run-up to Christmas.German mulled wines are in  

German Wine Flagship Store Opens on Tmall in China

Das Weingut Ernst Bretz aus Bechtolsheim/Rheinhessen wurde von der Deutschen Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft als Winzer des Jahres 2020 mit dem Bundesehrenpreis in Gold ausgezeichnet. Wines of Germany (“The German Wine Institute” or “DWI”) is pleased to announce that the German Wine Flagship Store is officially opened on Tmall ( today, coinciding with China’s biggest  

VR in the Vineyards tours Germany again in 2021

The German Wine Institute (DWI) will again be presenting virtual tours through steep slopes and vineyards from German winegrowing regions in various shopping centers throughout Germany in 2021. The