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Viticulture & Winemaking

… in the vineyard & cellar Many stages of work are involved before a finished bottle of wine reaches a consumer. Read more...Viticulture & WinemakingHistory Today's grape varieties evolved…



… have an acidity level that gives the wine a racy freshness and contributes to its long life. To reach its full potential, Riesling needs extra days of sun; ripening is very late, indeed the Riesling grapes…



… While in 1970 the grape started to spread across several winegrape areas in Germany and reached its maximum in 1990 (7,5%), meanwhile only 2,6% of all vineyards are planted with Kerner. …



… and Franken. While at first this variety started to spread across the country and reached its maximum in 1985, when 3.6% of all German vineyards were planted with the Bacchus grape,…


Work in the Wineyard & Cellar

… in the Vineyard & Cellar Many stages of work are involved before a finished bottle of wine reaches a consumer. New developments in viticulture and cellar technology during the past few decades have…


Quality categories

… within one of the 13 specified wine-growing regions; the region must be declared on the label must reach a natural alcohol content as legally prescribed for the region, grape variety and special attribute…


Must weights

… for quality category classification, i.e. to qualify for a specific quality category, grapes have to reach a minimum starting must weight. The table below shows the range of minimum starting must weights…


Ocean meets Wine

… with subtle aromas, such as Chasselas from the Markgräflerland region, an Auxerrois from the upper reaches of the Moselle or a Pinot Blanc from Franconia. The adventurous among you might want to try and…



… in addition to those named above, are modern, upscale, food and wine enthusiasts who are to be reached with qualitatively high-class events. In addition, the department’s annual schedule includes…


Dr. Hoon Choi

… public sector in 1994, he was engaged as a visiting professor at several universities. In 2000, he reached an important turning point in his life. At that time, wine culture was about to bloom in Korea and he…