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Barbecue & Wine

… meat on thoroughly glowing coal for one minute per side, before cooking it on indirect heat until it reaches the desired core temperature. Pepper is only added at the end. A premium piece of meat does not…


New Wine ("Federweißer")

… upright at all times. Wines of Germany recommends to taste a little of the Federweißer once you have reached home. If it tastes just right: Straight into the fridge it goes, because the cold puts a stop to the…



… specifically to sparkling wine whose CO2 is produced as a byproduct of secondary fermentation and which reaches a minimum of 3.5 bars of pressure. “Perlwein” by contrast is marked by lower pressure levels and CO2…



… brown. Spread a little blackcurrant glaze over the meat, place in oven 120 °C until inner temperature reaches 54-56 °C. Leave to rest.STEP 3 Prior to slicing, brush a little more glaze on to the meat and fry…


Elisabethenberg and Olgaberg

… Weathered volcanic soils topped with a layer of humus predominate in both sites, but the upper reaches of the Elisabethenberg include a mixture with tuff that makes for a very thin, but mineral-rich,…


Homburger Kallmuth

… entire site. They, too, collect and reflect heat. Even in the coolest summers temperatures can easily reach 50–60°C, thereby creating a sub-Mediterranean climate. These walls, ranging in height from two to five…



… Rheinsteig” that takes in numerous Rheingau and Mittelrhein vineyards along the way. The best way to reach the ruins of 12th-century Burg Drachenfels and the observation platform just beneath it…



… park not far from the Niederwald monument (i.e. on the heights above Rüdesheim/Assmannshausen; can be reached by chairlift from Assmannshausen, cable car from Rüdesheim, or via auto) All credit…



… t h i rt e e n The proportion of red wine varieties has been growing steadily since 1981, until it reached 36.9 percent in 2006. The reason: When replanting many vintners choose Pinot Noir, Dornfelder and…



… wines gained in popularity. By the start of the Thirty Years’ War in 1618, Germany’s vineyard area had reached the height of its expansion (ca. 300,000 ha or 741,300 acres). The ensuing destruction of the…