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Wines of Germany presents aromatic varieties at ProWein

… Winegrowers Association on 20 March and Ecovin on the final day of the fair.Generation Riesling PresentationIn 2017, Generation Riesling will make its fourth appearance at ProWein in close…  

Vineyard meets Sea – Fresh oysters and German wines at ProWein 2017

… oyster farming to an interested audience but also show how well this precious seafood combines with Riesling & Co. Jean Dhooge farms a variety of oysters in Oosterschelde (Eastern Scheldt) and the…  

German winegrowers face tough competition worldwide

… of 4.04 €/l, Germany is the number one supplier of white wines with a market share of 28%. Besides Riesling, there has been a steady increase in demand in Norway for other white wine grapes and now also…  

UK-based sommelier: The next big Pinot hit will be from the Germans

Die Sieger des Deutschen Rotweinpreises werden Mitte November in Fellbach geehrt. … in a London based private wine-club sees Wines of Germany on the rise."We have seen German Riesling return to glory, with both dry and sweet styles becoming more popular. But I think we have yet to…  

Private Roof Club Berlin hosts Generation Riesling

…At least once a year Generation Riesling winemakers present their new creations in Berlin. April 3rd 2017 this approved routine will go down at the 'Private Roof Club'. The following authentic vintners are very much…  

Wines of Germany announces new Riesling Fellows

…Last night’s Riesling Fellowship saw top German wine producers and members of the UK and international trade gather at Vintners’ Hall in London for a gala dinner to honour four new Riesling Fellows. This year’s event…  

China: Awareness for Riesling and Pinot Noir continues to rise

Riesling and Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) are in the Top5 grape varieties regarding awareness, consumption and conversion amongst all Chinese urban upper-middle class wine drinkers. According to a 'wine intelligence'…  

Icewine 2016/17: Germany's lucky strike

Deutsche Weinprinzessin Christina Schneider freut sich über die erste Eisweinernte in diesem Jahr bei -9,7° C … in the historic village of Steinberg next to Eberbach Abbey (Rheingau, State of Hessen), frozen Riesling grapes were harvested at  -7,6 ° Celsius (sugar level 138° Oechsle). The cellarmaster expects…  

Danes go for Riesling

… in habits between regions and age groups. The first place of popularity of white wines holds Riesling, while concerning red wines the Danish population ranks Pinot Noir among the top 3 most preferred…  

Wines of Germany: Best value for money in Denmark

… Danish women drink wine on a daily or almost daily basis. Furthermore, the Danes’ favourite grape is Riesling when it comes to white wine, while the first place goes to Cabernet Sauvignon when it comes to red…