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Ian Ford

… closely with leading winemakers, developing their brands in China. Ian has been proudly leading a Riesling Revolution in China in collaboration with the great Riesling producers in Summergate's portfolio.


David Schildknecht

… century in the U.S. wine trade. His curiosity and affection were aroused by bottles of German Riesling savored during his University years, but it was only after he entered the trade, and especially…


Peter Kuhn

… Germany. In the beginning almost exclusively to sweet wines. Only since the mid-1990s, the dry Rieslings have taken hold.


Martin Lam

…Martin LamMartin Lam, food and restaurant consuktant from the UK, was awarded the ProRiesling title in 2006 and is truly passionate about wine. In 1991 he started his own company importing German wines and now he…


Rudi Wiest

… have helped foster and promote Germany’s top-quality wines. While continuing to champion fine German Riesling, he has increased attention to promoting Germany’s other varietals and securing top restaurant…


Paul Grieco

… (left) has lent his tireless energy and boundless enthusiasm to spreading the message of German Riesling in the USA. Winning the "Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional" award in 2012,…


Albert De Jong

… the food and wine industry for over three decades. His dedication and passion saw him win the Pro Riesling award for journalism in 2010, only the second Dutch person to receive this prestigious award since…


Riesling Fellowship

…Nico Knott Riesling Fellow Nico Knott is a hotelier, chef and wine merchant of the highest caliber. He first founded his own hotel-restaurant, the "Vier Jahreszeiten," 30 years ago in 1989 in Nidrum, a small town…



Riesling Of all the grapes of Germany, the most noble is the Riesling — a variety that can do well even in stony soil and can subsist on a minimum of moisture. It is also frost-resistant and a very dependable bearer…



…cubed pineapple • 1 cl lemon juice • 1 spray dose of diffuser Absinthe • 1 cl pink grapefruit juice • Riesling sekt PREPARATION Mash pineapple in shaker with honey, then add lime juice, lemon juice, grapefruit…