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Selection wines

… style, Selection wines are dry, with up to 9 grams per liter of residual sugar – with one exception: Riesling wines, that are by nature rich in acidity. Here, the residual sugar content can be 1.5 times as high…


Selection grape varities

… grape varieties meet the high quality standards prescribed for Selection wines. Typical candidates, Riesling and/or members of the Burgunder (Pinot) family, are widespread in many of Germany's thirteen…



… Midway up the hill is a landmark – the Ajaxturm, a tall brick tower with a legendary past (see below). Riesling is the primary grape variety in the Heerkretz site, particulary in the stony, upper stretches. Small…


German Wines and Nordic Cuisine

… cod, dirt smoked lamb, whey bbq and cauliflowerIceland – Wine Recommendation: A young crisp Mosel Riesling. Lean to medium bodied with little residual sugar, fresh acidity and pure minerality. read more…



… recognition and awards by leading German and international wine critics/publications for its top Idig Riesling and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) wines. Their Idig wines have numbered among the top ten dry Rieslings…



… south or southwest. Half of the site is sloping and half is extremely steep (up to 60% incline). Riesling is the primary grape variety (ca. 64%). The remaining 36% of the vineyard is planted with red and…



… top soil above colored sandstone and colored marl/keuper. Many grape varieties are cultivated, but Rieslings and Spätburgunder, Weißburgunder and Grauburgunder - as well as the ancient white variety…



…ed sea trout, sorrel purée and vinegar-marinated cucumbersWINE RECOMMENDATION: Young and fresh Mosel or Nahe Riesling. Dry or slightly off dry.INGREDIENTS:500 g cleaned sea trout fillets1 lemon½ stem of…


Elisabethenberg and Olgaberg

… are cultivated on Hohentwiel: Elisabethenberg (ca. 15 ha): Müller-Thurgau 30%, Spätburgunder 25%, Riesling and Grauburgunder 15% each, Weißburgunder 5%, as well as small amounts of Bacchus, Dornfelder,…



… From a modest start with 2.5 ha, the Barths now cultivate 5.5 of vines, 90% of which are Riesling. Their prize sites are the Koberner Uhlen and above all, the Gondorfer Gäns (Gänse = geese), a…