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… the early 18th century and made it popular. This variety needs vineyards with deep, heavy soil and is harvested around the same time as Weißburgunder. Moreover, it is planted especially in…



…Weißburgunder This ancient variety, which is known as Pinot Blanc in France, grows in fertile or chalky soil and ripens quite late - It is harvested later than Müller-Thurgau but earlier than Riesling. Weißburgunder…



… in all German wine regions. While it is frost-resistant, it does need warm vineyard sites and soil with good drainage. This old, traditional variety is known for its special wines with high quality.…


Work in the Wineyard & Cellar

… the entire year a wine-grower has various tasks to tend to, such as training and pruning the vines, soil care, foliage treatment and thinning, as well as harvesting the grapes as selectively as possible.…


Soil & Sites

… Württemberg 6 20 207   40  167  2658 Soil & Sites Soil types: The soil nourishes the roots, and thus, the vines, with water and nutrients.…


Specialitiy & Regional Wines

… vineyard's ecosystem; ecological viticulture seeks to maintain and/or improve the fertility of the soil through natural, organic means rather than the use of chemical fertilizers.     …


Crystals in Wine

… tartaric acid. The longer grapes ripen on the vine, the longer they have to absorb minerals from the soil. Little by little crystals can develop when these minerals come into contact with tararic acid. Rather…


Wine growing regions

… filigree wines that are relatively low in alcohol. The diversity of German wine stems from the many soil types and grape varieties — there is no "uniform" type or style of German wine — and this…



… Climate: Mild and favorable, greenhouse-like in some of the steeper sites Soil types: Deep, rich loess in the lower Ahr Valley (eastern portion); slate, volcanic stone and rocky…



… Freiburg Climate: Sunny and warm; the Kaiserstuhl district is Germany's warmest area Soil types: Shell-limestone in Tauberfranken. Elsewhere, a wide variety including keuper, loam, loess,…