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… The Forum is the largest wine bar and a place where after 8 p.m. renowned red and white, as well as sparkling wines can be tasted dynamically. “Dynamically” means that you get what Jürgen Stumpf has just…


Different Types of Wine

… from the poet Friedrich Schiller, but rather from the iridescent color of the wine.White wine - sparkling, fresh and fruity After the harvest, the white grapes are mostly destemmed (i.e. the berries are…



… best punches only use a couple of ingredients.   A punch is only ever as good as the wine or sparkling wine used in its making. German quality wine, a light Kabinett and fruity Winzersekt are excellent…


Sparkling Wine

… The wine law defines parameters to express the degree of dryness or sweetness in sparkling wine as seen in the table below. This differs from the four basic styles stipulated for still wines.Residual Sweetness…


Levels of Sweetness in Wine

…Levels of Sweetness in Wine Dry is not always dry. It depends whether you are referring to still wine or sparkling wine. Different amounts of residual sugar apply to their respective taste specifications.Four…


Wine Storage

… wines, especially of the more acidic Riesling variety, the wine can be stored a little longer. Sparkling wine tastes best fresh. Branded sparkling wines should be bought as soon as possible before…


Corks and other Closures

… by Pierre Pérignon (1639 - 1715) two thousand years later when he replaced the wooden stoppers in sparkling wines with corks. As a wine closure, cork has the advantage that it is permeable to oxygen, which…


Wine Glasses

… front tongue area, where the tannins are perceived to be milder and smoother. Slim glasses suit sparkling wines and sekt with a fine perlage. Apart from the elegance of these glasses, the relevance of the…


Vegan Wine

… available in all flavors, colors - white, red or rosé and across all grape varieties. The first vegan sparkling wine has also come onto the market. Incidentally, many wine bottles contain vegan wine anyway,…



… barriques, as well as noble sweet Pinot Gris. Similarly to Pinot Blanc, it is very well suited for sparkling wine. This variety needs vineyards with deep, heavy soil and is harvested around the…