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Detailed vintage-2017-report in Germany's 13 wine regions

… end of harvest, while the rain was not excessive. The grapes were thus able to accumulate a lot of sugar and registered good acidity levels. The 2017 vintage in the Pfalz promises characterful and expressive…  

Superlatives at latest VDP auction in Germany

… is currently enjoying a revival, a wine especially appreciated for its elegance, delicate residual sugar content and a relatively low alcohol level. Bad Kreuznach auction with a huge drum roll and a big round…  

Main grape harvest coming early in 2017

… development two weeks ahead of scheduleMostly sunny weather in the past few weeks allowed sugar levels to rise rapidly. In some regions grapes have developed two weeks ahead of the long-year average.…  

Icewine 2016/17: Germany's lucky strike

Deutsche Weinprinzessin Christina Schneider freut sich über die erste Eisweinernte in diesem Jahr bei -9,7° C … temperatures of -9,7 degreee Celsius in the vinyard site named "Nordheimer Vögelein" (sugar level 162 ° Oechsle). Mosel, Nahe, Pfalz, Rheinhessen were other regions were icewine was harvested…  

Vintner's "Glühwein" (mulled wine): List of providers

… is how it works (ingredients):take a litre of German red wine,sweeten it to taste with candied sugar or honeyand then add a slice of (untreated) lemon or orange, four cloves and a stick of cinnamon.Small…  

The Telegraph: "Choose Riesling"

Weißwein 14 … a fruity sauce, salads", Atkins continues to explain.Riesling grapes counter that sprinkle of sugar with a fresh streak of acidity, "like a squeeze of lemon or a bite into a tart green apple, so the…  

Icewine crowns the 2015 vintage in Germany

Eisweinlese 2010 01 … the better, as the concentration of grape juice in the berries is increased by low temperatures. The sugar content of this year´s Eiswein was therefore high, with must weights of up to 220 degrees Oechsle.…  

Top seller: Mulled wine from Germany

… favourite mulled wine is made with Riesling, with cinnamon and oranges and a little bit of sugar added," the 20-year-old winegrower's daughter said after her coronation as mulled wine queen on…