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German white wine in demand in Scandinavia

… that does not have an alcohol monopoly, but rather a largely liberalized alcohol and wine trade. In terms of value, German wine exports to Scandinavia are now at the same level as exports to Germany's most…  

New study on the Consumption of Alcohol-free Wines

… winegrowers' cooperatives, bottlers and retailers has increased significantly in recent years.In terms of taste, alcohol-free wines have also developed extremely positively in recent years, thanks to new,…  

Germany: Local Wines in Demand

… in March this year contributed to a particularly strong increase of around 9.5 percent in terms of purchasing volume and revenue compared to March of the previous year.First Quarter 2020…  

DWI Theme Weeks: Sparkling on all Channels

… how sparkling wine, Winzersekt and pearl wine differ from one another and what is hidden behind terms such as Pet-Nat and Crémant.It doesn't always have to be Wine paired with FoodMouthwatering recipes…  

Sweet and Delicious Theme Weeks a Success

… learn how sparkling wine, Winzersekt and pearl wine differ from one another and what is hidden behind terms such as Pet-Nat and Crémant. Of course, you can also put your sparkling wine knowledge to the test in…  

2015 Pinot Noir from Philipp Kuhn wins the Lagen Cup 2020

Bereits Anfang März verkostete eine Fachjury aus Sommeliers und Weinjournalisten 300 deutsche Rotweine, insbesondere Spätburgunder. Sommelier und Organisator Serhat Aktas hat nun die Ergebnisse veröffentlicht. „Es braucht in diesen Zeiten auch Nachrichten abseits der Krise“, so Aktas. … approximately 300 red wines from all of Germany’s major winegrowing regions, Pinot Noir dominated in terms of both positions and awards.LagenCup red wine 2020 - The Winning Wines: 1st Place 96 Punkte - 2015…  

Germany’s 2019 Vintage Yields 8.3 Million Hectolitres

… was one percent higher, and in Sachsen it was 22% above the ten-year average with 26,000 hl.In terms of quality, the 2019 vintage is rated as very good in all quality levels. The white wines are extremely…  

Global Trends in Wine 2020

… Below is a brief summary of the potential impact of Corona on some of these trends:In terms of Relationship, the shift to online sales, due to current lockdowns, may lead to consumers increasing…  

Three men show their true colors

… Abroad we then speak of the special rosé. "The Blanc de Noir is the "quickie" among the rosés in terms of production. The juice has hardly any contact with the red berry skin, which is responsible for the…  

Main vintage has started in Germany

… the grapes. Accordingly, German wine producers are looking forward to a promising vintage in 2019 in terms of quality.The first grape varieties that are harvested for the actual winemaking, include the…