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Katharina Staab Elected 69th German Wine Queen

… was who would wear which wine crown.The contestants first needed to filter out as many wine terms as possible from a theater scene between Hagen and Gunther. Another challenge called for each of the…  

Trend towards white and dry wines in Germany

… cent share in wine sales, rosé wine sales have remained unchanged at ten percent for seven years.In terms of taste, most German consumers still prefer dry and off-dry wines. In 2016, as in the previous year,…  

Germans buy more wine in supermarkets

… including the discount markets, now has a 77 per cent share of all wine purchased in Germany. In terms of German wines only, it accounted for just 66 per cent last year, as 24 per cent was also purchased at…  

Stable wine consumption in Germany

… research organization GfK – which is commissioned annually by the DWI -, posted a minus in volume terms of around 1 per cent compared with 2015. The value of purchased wines was also slightly down by…  

Trend: Riesling and Pinot Noir from Germany gain popularity online

… of The German Wine Institute ('Wines of Germany') shows a long-term year-on-year growth of the terms "Riesling" and "Spätburgunder" (Pinot Noir), Germany's most important grape varieties.  

Germany´s 68th Wine Queen is Lena Endesfelder from the Mosel

Die 68. Deutsche Weinkönigin heißt Lena Endesfelder … profession of a guest and in a version of the TV game show “Child´s Play”, to guess wine-related terms which were described by young children. Lena Endesfelder remained cool throughout, gaining points for…  

The German Wine Queen – A Global Ambassador

… in the midst of professional training and/or a career. Only those who are willing to accept these terms "in the name of German wine," and who are willing to tirelessly and enthusiastically share…  

Rediscovered: Germany´s aromatic grape varieties

… Rheinhessen, roughly 350 ha in the Pfalz, 150 ha in Franken and 100 ha in the Nahe. This makes it in terms of cultivation one of the most important of Germany´s aromatic varieties.The pronounced aroma is…  

Wine Institute honours best aromatic wines

… the curves in the vineyard area and quality wine statistics have shown an upward trend. In terms of nationwide cultivation, Scheurebe - at 1,414 hectares - is the most important of the four featured…  

MBA Wine, Sustainability & Sales: Apply Today!

… content of a traditional MBA, this program also emphasizes sales and sustainability in terms of the environment, society, and business, as well as international wine markets, consumer research,…