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Germany´s grape harvest 2018: estimates above expectations

… hectolitres, resulting in the largest harvest since 1999.The 2018 harvest, a truly outstanding vintageDespite the extreme water shortages, this year´s yields have turned out unexpectedly high even for…  

German wine growers optimistic as main harvest gets underway

Lese im Herbst 02 … in most wine regions has begun exceptionally early this year, wine producers look forward to a vintage of overall very good qualities and promising crop sizes.  

Grape harvest earliest on record

… health of the grapes currently provide very good preconditions for both yield and quality for the vintage. However, a prolonged water shortage could diminish these prospects in the same way as a long period…  

Germany set for its earliest ever grape harvest

Lese im Herbst 02 … in the subsoil, unreachable by younger vines which partly need some irrigation at present. The 2018 vintage looks promising since grapes are in excellent health, they ripen well and are available in sufficient…  

Monika Reule sees positive development in export

… of 8.3% in volume and 6.6% in value. It is emerging that this upward trend is continuing. But the 2017 vintage had to bear massive losses in yield – in Rheinhessen and on the Moselle a minus of 23%. Both regions…  

Early flowering in Germany’s wine regions

Rebblüte …ery temperatures observed throughout spring in Germany's winegrowing regions lead to high hopes regarding the vintage year of 2018. At present it is estimated that the vines are developing approximately two weeks ahead…  

ProWein summary: German wines meet modern tastes

… showed great interest in the produce of the German wine-growing regions. White wines from the vintage year 2017, which tend to be light and quite refined, were particularly coveted, since they meet the…  

German Wine Exports Rise

… year as well, with the DWI noting that relatively low harvest yields can be expected for the 2017, exports, German Wine Institute, DWI,  

Detailed vintage-2017-report in Germany's 13 wine regions

… ice wine production. The qualities harvested are on the whole very satisfactory, resulting in a 2017 vintage of generally light, fruity wines with great finesse which match the current trend in consumers´…  

German 2017 Vintage Small but Fine

Die Weinernte endet dieses Jahr früher als sonst The German 2017 wine harvest is headed toward an unseasonably early conclusion, with many estates already done before the end of September. Quality assessments range from good to very good, with the