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Outstanding Vinotheks

…Outstanding Vinotheks In 2016 the German Wine Institute (DWI) awarded 50 vinotheks in all 13 German wine growing regions. They were selected according to strict quality criteria from around 200 applications by a…


Climate & Weather

… The longer ripening period for grapes north of the Alps yields fresher, fruitier wines. Germany is among the most northerly wine-growing countries of the world. It is primarily the warm Gulf Stream and its tempering…


Work in the Wineyard & Cellar

… the authorities to monitor total production and, if necessary, deal with surplus production. Each wine-growing region has specific yield limitations. If a grower exceeds the limit, the surplus cannot be…



…Geman Wine AcademyDr. Claudia Stein-Hammer – Under the scientific direction of Dr. Claudia Stein-Hammer, the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA, or German Wine Academy) analyzes, assesses and disseminates informaton on…


Riesling Weeks

… Weeks USA June – August Wine Craft Hongkong June 1st –…


Riesling Weeks

… Dänemark May 17th – May 26th 2019 Riesling Weeks Niederlande May 31st – June 16th 2019 …


Vintner Stories

… Erlebnisse in Verbindung mit Wein und mit welcher Hingabe und Leidenschaft sie ihren Beruf leben.Winegrowers tell their stories Thousands of winegrowers in Germany's 13 wine regions work dusk to dawn…


Sustainability in German Viticulture

… for Sustainability in Rheinhessen In 2012, Rheinhessenwein e.V. took up the topic of sustainability in the wine sector. It kicked off its activities with a sustainability congress for the wine industry. At the same…


Social Media Sites

… (group: Deutsche Weine) see also Wines of Germany USA a.s.o... …



…Best vineyard views Since 2012 Wines of Germany has been electing what it considers to be the “Best Vineyard Views” – scenic lookout points serving as ideal stops for hikers, and offering breathtaking views of…