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The color of summer: rosé wine

… in summer, the favorite color of many connoisseurs is rosé. Because in all its varieties, rosé wines fulfill the palates desires.  

Recommended: Light wines for the summer

…When days get hot, it is nice to have something cool in the glass – the time of summer wines has arrived. Summer wines, in general, are rather light, fruity wines low in alcohol. They are consumed young and taste fresh…  

Aroma-Miracle: Why Wines of Germany are so versatile

…Why does the smell of Lemberger remind me of banana and Sauvignon Blanc of green peppers?In short, a wine can express many flavors. If you put a Sauvignon Blanc and a green pepper next to each other, they both have…  

MUNDIS VINI NORDIC Competition: Winners have been announced!

50 Jurors have been invited into the spectacular theater "Teaters Skuespilhus" in Copenhagen mid-June. …Scandinavia has grown into a key export destination for German wines, inspiring the Meininger Verlag to collaborate with the German Wine Institute (DWI) on a new wine competition called MUNDUS VINI NORDIC.  

Media focus on German wines continues to rise

…The latest analysis regarding 'Wines of Germany'-coverage indicates a significant rise in media reach of about 28.7% from the previous year. "The digital strategy over the past couple of years is paying off. Public…  

Ron Fiorelli, the long-time director of the German Wine Institute’s office in Canada, passed away

…On July 5, the long-time director of the German Wine Institute’s office in Canada, Ron Fiorelli, passed away after a serious illness. For many years, from 1991 to 2008, Ron and him team worked tirelessly to promote…  

German wine ambassadors want to be a part of it: New York, New York!

…Caro's and Klara's double play in New York: at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2019 they successfully presented wines 'Made in Germany'.  

Germany's vine blooming in line with 30-year-average

Rebblüte …This year's vine blooming is coming to an end these days in the 13 German wine regions. In contrast to last year's unusal early flowering and harvest, this year's timing is in line with the 30-year-average.  

Mundus Vini Nordic: German wines for "Nordic palate"

…As part of the competition Mundus Vini Nordic, the German wine publishing house Meininger and the German Wine Institute (DWI) invited over 50 jurors from all Nordic countries into the iconic Skuespilhuset in Copenhagen:…  

German Wine Queen Carolin at Riesling Weeks in Hong Kong

… varieties as Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Silvaner and ... . For the start, the German Wine Queen accompanied the promotion - showing that there is so much to discover and so much joy to be found.