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Terms of use of online photo archive

… purposes) By using our photos, you accept the terms for the use for photo material of the German Wine Institute: The photos may be used exclusively in connection with topics concerning German wines and…


Hessische Bergstrasse

… extends from Darmstadt to just north of Heidelberg. The region also boasts a small "island of wine" near Groß-Umstadt on the eastern outskirts of Frankfurt. Major town(s): Bensheim, Heppenheim…



… who named it after the philosopher José Ortega y Gasset. These grapes ripen quite early and wines made from them have an elegant, rich and peachy bouquet and flavor and are known for being very…



… on its own, this white variety can achive record-breaking yields (and correspondingly lower-quality wine); however, if yields are controlled, the Huxelrebe can produce Auslese and dessert wines even in an…



… white variety.With sufficient ripeness, the Faberrebe can produce elegant, refreshing wines with a light Muscat tone and, usually, more acidity than Müller-Thurgau or Silvaner. The majority of…



… Monika Reule, as a member of the board of the Deutscher Weinfonds (DWF, or German Wine Fund) as well as managing director of the Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI, or German Wine Institute),…



… are to follow. Target groups, in addition to those named above, are modern, upscale, food and wine enthusiasts who are to be reached with qualitatively high-class events. In addition, the department’s…


Administration/Central Services

… Schmitt and Walter Härtel are “traveling auditors,” who personally ensure that contributions to the German Wine Fund have been duly paid (according to §43 of the German wine law). Nicola Wantzen and Laura…


Geman Wine Academy

… and new fields of activity.Mehr zum Thema „Wein & Gesundheit“:For more on the subject of "wine ] health": www.deutscheweinakademie.deUnder the scientific direction of Dr. Claudia…


Wine Trade and Hospitality Industry

… von Kluge +49 6135 / 9323 - 205 MvK(at) The training and seminars offered by the wine institute are an important cornerstone of working with the market in this area. The education section,…