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Detailed vintage-2017-report in Germany's 13 wine regions

…The German 2017 grape wine harvest has yielded good to very good wine qualities with in many cases low volumes. Unusually heavy and widespread frosts in April were the key reason behind the relatively large crop losses…  

Riesling Weeks HK win Best Consumer Campaign Award

… marketing campaign that managed to achieve the maximum reach of the product even with limited resources. Wines of Germany’s ‘Riesling Weeks’ managed exactly that and successfully leveraged off the collaboration…  

German Rieslings amoung Top 5 Finalists in Montréal

…La Grande Dégustation de Montréal unveiled the 10 finalists in its annual wine competition which, for the 2017 edition, was dedicated to Rieslings. Selected by a jury of 21 professionals in the wine sector, German…  

Vintners‘ mulled wine much in demand: list of producers 2017

…Following the current trend, a lot of wine producers offer home-made mulled wine today. Partly organic, or vegan, it can be found more and more on German Christmas markets and at food retailers.  

"Brits have rediscovered the joy of quality German wine"

…The current popularity of German wine is picking up where British drinkers left off a century ago, says Melanie McDonagh from The Spectator LIFE. According to the online magazine the popularity of good German wine  

Gus Pollard: "German wines are the perfect fit"

…Prior to this year’s "get it on" wine tasting november 7th in Hoxton Arches, London E2 8HD, Gus Pollard of ‘The 10 Cases’ in Covent Garden gives insights into the potential for further growth in popularity and…  

German 2017 Vintage Small but Fine

Die Weinernte endet dieses Jahr früher als sonst …The German 2017 wine harvest is headed toward an unseasonably early conclusion, with many estates already done before the end of September. Quality assessments range from good to very good, with the caveat that harvest…  

Katharina Staab Elected 69th German Wine Queen

…The 69th German Wine Queen is named Katharina Staab, and hails from Oberhausen on the Nahe! She is joined in her reign by German Wine Princesses Charlotte Freiberger from the Hessische Bergstraße and Laura Lahm from…  

Masters of Wine seminars also in Germany

…From 2018, the Study Programme for the prestigious Master of Wine (MW) title will also include one week in Germany. This follows an agreement between the German Wine Institute (DWI) and the Institute of Masters of Wine.  

Top address for German wines in Munich

…On the initiative of the German Wine Institute (DWI i.e. Wines of Germany), a new Riesling Lounge was opened on 21 September 2017 in the "Vintage Selection" wine bar in the trendy Munich Glockenbachviertel.