Winegrowers tell their stories

Thousands of winegrowers in Germany's 13 wine regions work dusk to dawn fulfilling their own personal vision of what wine can and should be. Here they tell us some of their stories. read more

Wine growing regions

There is much to discover in Germany's winegrowing regions - breathtaking landscapes, history, wine culture, hospitality and enjoyment. read more

Outstanding Vinotheks

Outstanding Vinotheks

From an architectural point of view, the 50 award-winning vinotheks depict a broad spectrum of a modern German wine country. They range from heritage buildings with stylish renovations, to spectacular new places with impressive views of the wine landscape. read more

Best vineyard views

Since 2012 Wines of Germany has been electing what it considers to be the “Best Vineyard Views” – scenic lookout points serving as ideal stops for hikers, and offering breathtaking views of vineyards, rivers, wine-growing towns and villages. Metal stelae denote these wine-tourism destinations across Germany’s 13 wine-growing regions. read more

Berlin Wine Scene

Wine and Berlin? In the past the connoisseur would likely have smiled sadly and sent the Berlin visitor to the luxury department store KaDeWe. Wine and Berlin is indeed still a relatively new phenomenon but one whose development is all the more exciting for that. From out of a wine desert has risen a city in love with wine. read more

Landmarks of Wine Culture

German viticulture is characterised by dynamism, a keenness to experiment, cosmopolitanism and unconditional striving for quality without neglecting their own origin and the care for the cultural asset wine. read more

Wine Hiking Trails

Wine Hiking Trails

Something for lovers of nature and wine! The German wine regions offer wonderful adventure and enjoyment for walkers as well as hikers. Whilst you are immersed in the stunning scenery, there are many spots where you can relax, eat and drink. That’s a good incentive for planning an extensive hike soon. read more

Famous vineyard sites

Germany's wine history is over 2000 years old. Explore some of the famous vineyards from each of the 13 German growing regions that have contributed to this rich past and help forge an exciting future. read more

Seasonal Wine Taverns

Straußwirtschaften are an indispensable part of German wine culture and a centuries-old tradition. They can be found everywhere in the wine regions - in the garden of a winegrower's courtyard, in a rustic barn, as an elegantly furnished parlour or even in an old cross vaulted cellar.  read more


Travel tips in German wine regions

If you want to go on vacation where German wines are growing and are looking for suggestions and tips - then you have come to the right place. We publish event and travel offers from all German growing regions. read more

Riesling Lounges

The aim of the Riesling Lounges is to introduce people living outside of the winegrowing regions, to the diversity of wines produced in German cellars. They are joint projects between a local restaurateur and the German Wine Institute, promoting not just Riesling, but a large selection of wines. read more


Wine Tour Guides

Wine Tour Guides

Already more than 500 qualified wine tour guides offer holidaymakers in the German winegrowing regions a variety of wine-related experiences, from hikes through the vineyard to wine and culinary discoveries. These are used by more than 100,000 people every year. read more

Wine Festivals and Events

Find topical wine events, wine seminars or wine fairs in Germany! read more