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Mosel - Saar River Loop between Wiltingen and Kanzem

Since 2007, the Mosel wine-growing region has also included the vineyards in the Saar and Ruwer valleys. This explains why Wines of Germany named the area around the Saar River Loop between Wiltingen and Kanzem the Mosel Region’s Best Vineyard View in 2012. From Konz, the Saar-Wein-Wanderweg trail leads through the Wiltinger Gottesfuß and Wiltinger Kupp vineyards to the lookout point, and the Best Vineyard stele stands on the steep slopes, near the point where the Saar flows into the Mosel. Looking west, the view sweeps from the Saar River’s backwaters around Kanzem to the steep slopes of the Kanzemer Altenberg vineyard. Then it’s onto the Galgenberg lookout via the Kommlinger Höhe. The lookout once again provides fantastic panoramic views of the Saar Valley, before the trail heads down into the vineyards. The educational wine and history path takes you to Wiltingen, where a regional train operates hourly services to Konz.

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Mosel - Saar River Loop between Wiltingen and Kanzem


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