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Nahe - Meddersheim vineyards

Wines of Germany elected the area between Idar-Oberstein and Bad Kreuznach, providing views over the Meddersheim vineyards of Altenberg, Edelberg, and Rheingrafenberg, the Best Vineyard View in the Nahe wine-growing region for 2016. All three are part of the larger Paradiesgarten estate. The lookout point containing the Vineyard View stele could just as easily be called the Meddesheim Balcony or Volcano View. It provides visitors with a unique vista over the volcanic Nahe Valley in the north, and beyond to the Soonwald region and the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park, while in the south-southeast, it extends as far as the 687-m-high Donnersberg (meaning “thunder mountain”), the highest peak in the Palatinate region.

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Nahe - Meddersheim vineyards


town centre Meddersheim


town centre Meddersheim




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