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Pfalz - Villa Ludwigshöhe

The picture-postcard scenery around Rhodt, an enchanting wine-growing town with chestnut-lined streets, was named the Best Vineyard View in the Palatinate Region for 2012. The lookout point marked by the stele provides a breathtaking panoramic view. In the west, it extends over the vineyards and beyond to the pale-yellow façade of Villa Ludwigshöhe while in the northwest, Hambach Castle sits perched atop a mountain knoll on the eastern edge of the Palatinate Forest. The jagged Haardt Mountains continue in the south, the chestnut trees on their wooded slopes attesting to the Palatinate’s Mediterranean climate. Facing east, the view stretches over the Rhine Valley over the Kraichgau Hills, the Black Forest in the south-east, and the Odenwald.

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Pfalz - Villa Ludwigshöhe


Rhodt, car park Edesheimer Str.


Rhodt, car park Edesheimer Str.


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