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Saale-Unstrut - Höhnstedter Kreisberg

The northernmost point of Germany’s wine-growing region, between the Saale River and Süßer See lake, is home to the wine-growing town of Höhnstedt. Heading through its small vineyards, which predominantly grow classic grape varieties like Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner, and Weissburgunder, you arrive at the Höhnstedter Kelterberg winery, where the view over the Höhnstedter Kreisberg was named the Best Vineyard View in the Saale-Unstrut Region for 2016. From the small town of Rollsdorf, located on the shores of Lake Bindersee with its terraced vineyards, the vista sweeps over the vineyards dotted with tiny wineries, extending as far as the Süßer See lake, whose water – like the other lakes in the Mansfelder Land region – is salty, belying the freshwater connotations of its German name. In summer, a visit to the many seasonal wine taverns is the perfect way to enhance a hike up to the Kelterberg.

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Saale-Unstrut - Höhnstedter Kreisberg


route south of Höhnstedt through the vineyards und orchards


across Rollsdorf and Rösetal back to Höhnstedt


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