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Sachsen - Belvedere, Wackerbarth Castle

Surrounded by vineyards, Wackerbarth Castle is located in the Radebeul district of Niederlössnitz. On the right bank of the Elbe, just outside Dresden, Count August Christoph von Wackerbarth, field marshal and cabinet minister under Augustus II the Strong, Elector of Saxony, had the baroque complex built as a retirement home around 1730, calling it Wackerbarths Ruh (“Wackerbarth’s Rest”). The Best Vineyard View in the Sachsen Region for 2012 provides a spectacular vista of the unique cluster, comprising the Belvedere summer residence, the baroque garden, and Wackerbarth Castle, nestled amidst the stunning landscape of Saxony’s Elbe Valley.

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Sachsen - Belvedere, Wackerbarth Castle


train station in Radebeul Zitzschewig


Borstraße in Radebeul




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