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Circular Route "Around the Saffenburg“

The hike "Around the Saffenburg" offers magnificent views of the Ahr river as it bends and bows through the dramatic landscape, as well as views of the famous Mayschoss Mönchberg vineyard with its church and old monastery.

From the train station in Mayschoß, the path leads up into the vineyards onto the ridge of the Saffenburg, the oldest castle ruins in the Ahr. The climb to the castle is rewarded with magnificent views of the river valley, the surrounding towns and the steep vineyard terraces. The hike then leads downhill to Rech via a shady forest path. Through the rustic town center with its well-kept half-timbered houses, hikers encounter the symbol of Rech, the statue of St. John of Nepomuk, on the oldest stone bridge of the Ahr, dating back to 1764.

After crossing the Ahrrotweinstraße (Ahr Red Wine Street), the path leads up into the vineyards again to the Rotweinwanderweg (Red wine hiking trail). This route is one of the most beautiful themed hiking trails in Germany. After 8.6 km, you return to the starting point of the hike via the particularly scenic section from Rech to Mayschoß, past the renowned Mönchberg.

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Circular Route "Around the Saffenburg“


Mayschoß train station, Eurode Platz, Mayschoß


Best Vineyard View „Burgruine Saffenburg“




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