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Franken - Iphofen, Terroir f

The Terroir f lookout point at Iphofen’s Schwanberg was named the Best Vineyard View in Franken for 2016 by Wines of Germany. In addition to its spectacular view, Terroir f at Iphofen’s famous Julius-Echter-Berg vineyard also offers interesting insights into the world of wine – from the Franconian wine region to distant wine-growing regions, including those in North America or South Africa. A range of useful facts about Europe’s classic wine-growing nations is coupled with interesting trivia about less well-known wine producers like Denmark and China. The distances to the various wine-growing countries are indicated at the viewing tower. Meanwhile, a stele garden illustrates the overall quantities of wine produced in the world’s largest wine-making nations, based on the convivial motto: “Far-away lands, wine up close – wine connects.” Well-situated seating areas provide the perfect place for a picnic or wine-tasting in the vineyards.

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Franken - Iphofen, Terroir f


parking area at the village outskirts, Mönchshöflein, 97348 Rödelsee (265 m) Koordinaten: Geogr. 49.729842 N 10.252913 E


belverdere at Schwanberg, Landmarke Terroir f




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