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From the ancient to the present Mosel

The hiking trail starts at the market square in Lieser (alternatively: Bernkastel-Wehlen, Am Krausbach car park), which meanders through vineyards, forest landscapes and orchards. A few streets branch off from the market square in Lieser. You follow the Hochstraße in a northerly direction to the end of the village. We continue through the vineyards to the Paulskirche. The glacial stream of the Moselle can be clearly seen from the Paulskirche. Because at the foot of the church lies a dry valley that extends to the village of Lieser and today's Moselle. You move on to the Trinity. Many paths branch off there and a hut invites you to rest. There is also an old wayside cross made of red sandstone. This Trinity Cross gives the location its name "Auf Dreifaltigkeit". Past the refuge you walk almost straight ahead for a long time. Then turn left and descend to the wine village of Wehlen. Via the "Wehlener ObstArtWeg" and along the various adventure stations you hike through the Wehlener nature reserve. The steep ascent to the Kueser Plateau follows via a serpentine road. Past the estate and at the edge of the forest along a large horse paddock, the path turns into the forest in front of the residential area. It continues on sections of the forest adventure trail. The path leads you past the Median Clinic to the edge of the valley. Finally, along the edge of the forest, continue towards Lieser. The path leads you below the Hambuchhütte past a great view. From here you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Moselle, the surrounding vineyards and the wine-growing town of Lieser. You will then return to the starting point in Lieser through the vineyards.

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From the ancient to the present Mosel


Am Markt, 54470 Lieser or the parking area, Am Krausbach, Bernkastel-Wehlen


Am Markt, 54470 Lieser or the parking area, Am Krausbach, Bernkastel-Wehlen




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