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Nürer Kopf

Your starting point is the parking area at the grill hut / shooting range in Leutesdorf where you begin on the Neuer Weg, before turning left onto the Nürer Weg after about 450m. As you ascend the steep slopes of Leutesdorf along the Neuer Weg, you will catch your first glimpse of what was voted to be the Middle Rhine’s "Best Vineyard View" for 2020.

After about 1.1 km you will reach the stele designating " Best Vineyard View Mittelrhein 2020". There is also a huge wooden swing awaiting you, where you can relax and unwind while enjoying the magnificent view sweeping before you.

After taking some photos and rejuvenating, continue north along the hiking trail. This leads gently uphill to reach a section of the famous RheinSteig known as the "Leutesdorf Art and Culture Trail". To see all works of art, continue north along the route for 1.7 km, after which you will reach the turning point of this circular trail.

Turn around and head back south. As you descend, views of the majestic Rhine in the valley below keep appearing between the vines. You return to the Neuer Weg, upon which this trail began, via the Klinkerweg. Along the way you may be tempted to stop at the Friends of Nature "Edmundhütte" for replenishments and more of that spectacular view.

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Nürer Kopf


Parking area Grillhütte/Schützenhalle (grill hut/shooting range)


Parking area Grillhütte/Schützenhalle




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