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Petermanns Ruh

The circular route starts at the Darmstadt Residential Palace. It leads through the Stachelberg, Steingerück and Herrnberg vineyards and across the market square of the historic old town. First, it leads north across the Kappes Gardens and after crossing Richer Strasse, up to the Ziegelwald forest. After about 1 km, it turns east and leads through the Stachelberg vineyard to the Wendelinus chapel (Wennelhaisje). With 27.5 ha, the Stachelberg is the second largest site in the Umstadt area. The very fertile soils consist of quartz porphyry with barite veins and loess.

The circular route now leads us past the vineyards further south to the Steinerück vineyard. Here we have a beautiful view of the old town of Umstadt. In its center we see the spire of the Protestant town church towering behind the vineyards. The Steinerück covers 14 ha and also has quartz porphyry and loess as an undersoil.

After about 1 km the path goes downhill into the Raibach valley. Cross the country road and start the climb to the Buschel. Once at the top, you are rewarded with a good view towards Frankfurt. An information board marks the observation point and explains the view.

Now you head over a dirt road, keeping the forest to your right, with a wonderful view to the Herrnberg vineyard in the southwest. After about 1 km, turn west onto the educational wine trail. Signs attached to individual vineyards provide information about the grape varieties grown on the ​​46.5 hectare area. Additional panels provide information on geology, geography and ecology, among other things.

The Petermanns Ruh Vineyard View is located approx. 450m southwest of the forest car park behind the farmer's house and can therefore be easily reached on foot without hiking the U2 circular route. You then continue south from the parking area for about 50m, and then turn west onto the wine trail. From the Herrnberg site, go through the Steinbornshohl (Lösshohlweg) to the historic old town and back to the Residential Palace Darmstadt via the market square.

Hiking trail U2: The Odenwald Wine Island Hiking Trail

Starting Point: Old town parking area at Darmstadt Palace. This hiking trail has been awarded the seal of quality by the Wanderbaren Odenwald Club.

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Petermanns Ruh


Groß-Umstadt, Oldtown parking area at the Darmstadt Palace


Wine Island Hiking Trail, Best Vineyard View: Petermanns Ruh




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