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Rheingau - Castle Ruins of Scharfenstein

Perched high above the wine village of Kiedrich, the distinctive keep of the Scharfenstein Castle ruins towers over the grapevines. A hiking trail leads from the town through the Kiedrich brook valley and up to the ruins. At the foot of the keep, a stele pays tribute to the Best Vineyard View of the Rheingau Region for 2016, which sweeps down into the Rhine Valley and over the Rhenish-Hessian Hills and Kiedrich, whose medieval core is the best preserved of its kind in the Rheingau. Anyone hiking to Scharfenstein Castle should ask for the key to the keep at Kiedrich town hall. The tower, where jackdaws nest, may be climbed outside the birds’ breeding season. And the vineyard view is even more amazing from the castellated lookout platform!

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Rheingau - Castle Ruins of Scharfenstein


Kiedrich town centre


castle ruin Scharfenstein




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