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Rheingau - Geisenheimer Rothenberg

Ever since being named one of Germany’s Best Vineyard Views, the spectacular vista from the Rothenberg has been enjoyed by an increasing number of people. The peaks of the Taunus soar up in the north, while the view up the Rhine covers Schloss Johannisberg and the vineyards of Wiesbaden and Mainz. It pans over the Inselrhein, home to the Rhine’s largest island (Mariannenaue) and its widest section (1 km), and beyond to the Rhenish-Hessian Hills, stopping briefly at the Rochusberg near Bingen and the Donnersberg on the horizon, before finally ending in the west with the world-famous wine-growing town of Rüdesheim, the gateway to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. From Geisenheim’s Rothenberg, St. Hildegard’s Benedictine Abbey in the vineyards and the monument on the Niederwald set the course for a hike encompassing everything that distinguishes the Rheingau region: Wine, woodland, meadows, and water – in short, unadulterated enjoyment.

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Rheingau - Geisenheimer Rothenberg


Geisenheim, train station


Geisenheim, train station




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