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Württemberg - Hessigheimer Felsengärten

The Hessigheimer Felsengärten (Hessigheim rock gardens) nature reserve, also popularly known as the Swabian Dolomites for their spectacular shape, is a veritable patch of wilderness in the vineyards. With its steep rock faces, it is a paradise for fit hikers – whereas climbing is strictly forbidden – and also made the selection to become Württemberg’s Best Vineyard View for 2016. Atop the south-facing slope, visitors can enjoy views of the Neckar and Enz river valleys, while at the foot of the Felsengärten rocks are the premium terraced Wurmberg vineyards. Directly opposite, facing west, is Besigheim, selected as Germany’s Best Wine-growing Town for 2012. Beyond it, at the point where the Enz opens out into the Neckar, are the terraced vineyards of Besigheim’s Niedernberg and Walheim’s Schalkstein.

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Württemberg - Hessigheimer Felsengärten


Felsengartenkellerei Besigheim, Am Felsengarten 1, 74394 Hessigheim


viewpoint Hessigheimer Felsengärten


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