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Awarded Vinothek 2016

Weingut Behringer

Outstanding Vinothek in Franken

It all began with seven loaves of bread. That was the price posed to the Behringers in 1634 for the right to take over the "Zur Krone" guest house on the marketplace of Abtswind. Since then the Behringers have been one of the pillars of the community in this small town in the western part of the Steigerwald natural park. Don't look for them at the market, though. You're more likely to find them out in the vineyards.

Wine from the Steigerwald is a special thing, thanks to the steep, warm and dry south and southwest-facing hills protected by the forests. These vineyards are known for their keuper soils — deep, clayey and fertile — leading to aromatic wines of varietal typicity. The soils can also store water for an extremely long period, which provides a major boost in hot and dry growing years.

White wines are naturally dominant here, representing four-fifths of the portfolio, from Müller-Thurgau and Gewürztraminer to Weißburgunder and Gelben Muskateller, with a dash of exotics such as Albalonga. The wines are broken down into three categories: "Neues Franken" are easy, refreshing and fruit-driven wines that are fun from the moment they're poured from their Bordeaux or clear Bocksbeutel bottles. "Klassisches Franken" are expressive, authentic wines, always a perfect companion to food in their green Bocksbeutel bottles. Each Bocksbeutel, Bordeaux or Burgundy bottle filled with "Großes Franken" promises a unique taste experience built around a harmony between variety, soil and climate as filtered through the experienced hand of winegrower Thomas Behringer.

How do these wines, drawn from Thomas Behringer's 43 hectares, taste in the glass? The best way to find out is to try them in the brand-new vinothek, finished in 2016 after a year and a half of construction. Cross the 30-meter-long walkway to this gem of a building and you'll be greeted by a finely appointed interior dominated by wood. Three tons of oak were used to design the floor and ceiling. The center of the large (125 sqm) space is formed by the ten-meter-long counter, which the Behringers claim is the longest in Franken. At tastings, the proprietors offer regional tapas, small appetizers such as ham and salami from Galloway beef, and plenty of cheese.

As a certified cheese sommelière, Ingrid Behringer holds three-hour cheese seminars in the family estate, as well as one-and-a-half hour tours during which guests taste out in the vineyards, giving them an entirely different view into the world of the winemaker. One special highlight: an excursion to the vineyard huts with a divine view far out into the surrounding regions, known as Main- und Weinfranken. And if you're interested in training your nose to detect a wide range of aromas, then the house's own sensory training room is a fun visit. See, taste, smell. The Behringers bring joy to all the senses.


Weingut Behringer

Thomas Behringer
Rehweiler Straße 17
97355 Abtswind

Phone: +49 93 83 - 97 37-0
Fax: +49 93 83 - 97 37-24

Opening Time

Daily from 9:00 am – noon and 1:00 am– 6:00 pm