Somewhere to Stay

Pleasure, culture and culinary delights can be found wherever wine grows. In Germany’s 13 wine regions you can enjoy delicious gastronomic experiences, celebrate wine festivals and immerse in cultural entertainment. Enhanced by the picturesque landscape, the German wine regions are a beautiful destination to explore by bike.

Wineries: Search on the Service page for the many wine producers who welcome cyclists and provide information about accommodation and special offers. Results can be filtered for members of Bett+Bike.

Bett+Bike: The English language website provides an overview of all ADFC-certified cycle-friendly accommodation.

Interactive map: The interactive map of the DWI shows landmarks of wine culture, outstanding vinotheks, the best vineyard views and wine events - clearly and concisely, filterable by wine-growing region.

Map of wine regions: In addition to the interactive map, the DWI website also offers an exclusive digital map of vineyards throughout Germany. It allows you to scroll into the individual wine-growing regions and take a closer look at the more than 2,000 individual vineyards listed, including slope gradient, sunshine duration and rainfall.

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