On September 25, 2015, the first Riesling Lounge in Gießen was opened in the Tandreas Hotel, Restaurant and Wine Lounge on the initiative of the German Wine Institute (DWI).

Managing director and sommelier Tanja Gerlach has always placed great value on a high-quality wine selection in which German wines play the leading role. She is all the more pleased to now have a DWI Riesling Lounge in house: “We want to continue to serve our guests with the best wines from the local growing regions. In the future, we will also offer events such as Vintner evenings and Regulars' tables in the Riesling Lounge.”

Since Tanja Gerlach maintains good personal contact with her winegrowers, Theresa Breuer from the Georg Breuer winery in Rheingau, and Julia Bertram, who in addition to her own wines from the Ahr also represents the City of Klingenberg winery in Franken, were happy to present their wines at the opening, despite it being harvest time.

Andreas Kaul, Head of the Gastronomy Department at DWI, praised the company's great commitment to local wines: “In addition to the Riesling that gave the lounge its name, Tanja Gerlach offers a wide variety of grape varieties from the German quality wine regions. It therefore fulfills all the requirements for our Riesling Lounge concept, with which we want to introduce people from outside the growing regions in a contemporary way to the wines from German cellars.

Riesling lounges initiated by DWI already exist in Rostock, Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Frankfurt and Mainz. Furthermore, the DWI is seeing increasing interest in the establishment of Riesling lounges in various other German and international cities.

The Tandreas Hotel, Restaurant and Wine Lounge looks forward to welcoming visitors: "The Gießen Riesling Lounge will be the ideal meeting place for wine lovers and connoisseurs", promises Tanja Gerlach who will host other interesting wine-related events in the future.


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