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"Life is too short to drink mediocre wine!" That's the motto at Vier Jahreszeiten Winzer eG, the club for which I've served as chairman for over 12 years now. It's a motto that aptly fits my own personal philosophy that winegrowing is one of the loveliest professions in existence: we are privileged to experience, taste and enjoy our own wonderful products. We shape the landscape and through our wine deliver pure moments of pleasure and joy.

This passion for wine, tied to the ambition to improve year after year, is our inexhaustible source of motivation. Part of that also means constantly growing. Most recently through a merger with another winegrowing collective, Palmberg eG, back in March 2018. The craziest part of it is that both sides were unanimously in favor of the fusion. 100% of the votes – I'd never experienced that before! But it's probably a sign that the various participants shared the same motivation. As mentioned, our motto is "Life is too short to drink mediocre wine!" And to make that happen, sometimes you have to try something new.

And so we recently produced not just our first Cabernet Cubin ice wine, we were also the first people to cultivate Lemberger in the Pfalz region. To great success: Our Lemberger has already twice earned a podium spot at the Vaihinger Löwen Lemberger prize.

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