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A Thousand and One Tastes

German Riesling and Turkish cuisine may sound like an odd combination — until you try it! Then you discover just how well the aromas deepen and complement each other. Diversity can be inspiring, something I know better than most! I was born in Turkey, but 20 years ago I married a German winemaker. Since then he and I, and now our two children, have lived together at our winegrowing estate in the Rheingau.

Things weren't easy in the beginning, of course, because our personalities and the way we looked at things were often quite different. It takes a while to reconcile some of the clash of cultures. Now, though, I can't imagine anything more wonderful. These two worlds of mine join together perfectly. My Turkish homeland gave me a love of spices, aromas and the culinary arts. The world of wine has opened up for me through my husband and my German homeland. Both represent parts of my life at our estate — especially at our own outdoor wine restaurant. I've made a name preparing Turkish dishes from my homeland for guests and offering cooking courses under the motto "Learn to Cook Turkish" — naturally always harmonized to fit the latest wine creations from my husband. And in return my cooking has come to shape his production as well. It turns out his Riesling feinherb pairs magnificently with Oriental dishes. Understandably! German-Turkish is and remains simply the best combination.

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