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Franken - From a Pub Dream to a Winegrowing Estate

Hard liquor has famously powered many a crazy idea among university house mates. Wine is also a well-known 'creative juice' — even if few of the ideas ever come to fruition. And yet, for us it somehow worked. I studied viticulture at Geisenheim University, while my flatmate Heiko studied Business Management for the Wine Industry. We hit it off from the start and forged the idea to work together after graduation. Our plan: start our own estate. The problem: we didn't have deep-pocketed parents or other investment angels to finance our endeavors. We had to start from scratch.

The solution: Alexander! The third member of our merry trio had more than just a deep well of knowledge and enthusiasm for Franconian wine. He also had a Baroque country castle where he ran a small hotel. Weingut Wein von 3 was born and we managed to rent out land for our starter vineyards. The reaction to our project tended toward the skeptical. The most common: "It's going to fail!" "They'll be fighting each other soon enough." "A trio? That never works."

But what can I say... it DID work. We have since expanded our vineyards to roughly three hectares and offer a catalog of eight different wines. We worry less about target demographics, classifications and premieres than about finding something that really tastes good to us. That's the only way to ensure that we're 100% behind our wines. Together. And seriously, we've still never had a fight with each other.

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Wein von 3 Alexander von Halem, Heiko Niedermeyer, Christian Werr GbR

Barockschloss Zeilitzheim
Marktplatz 14
97509 Zeilitzheim


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