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Mosel - Sentenced to Life... in Wine

My husband is one of the few real scoundrels in the winegrowing business. He and four other young vintners from the Mosel teamed up to form the renowned/notorious Riesling Kartell. Their goal: to corner the wine market and claim world dominance. The first step in that direction has already been completed: a 'Kartell' blend from each of their six vineyards was officially declared "Germany's Coolest Wine."

Winning that contest served as powerful affirmation for our approach. Sometimes being crazy and unconventional pays off! Which doesn't mean that tradition should be forgotten. My husband's character in the Riesling Kartell, for example, is always chomping on a lit cigar — an homage to old Uncle Paul, known as Pädd, who not only gave our estate its name, but was a true Mosel character. Known among other things for never leaving the house without a cigar hanging from the corner of his mouth. When he needed his mouth for something else (like drinking wine), then the stogy disappeared into his jacket pocket. Pädd was also the one who toured through the Sauerland with our wines, building our customer base up to where it is today. Despite the cigar. Or maybe because of it. One thing is clear: Pädd would have liked the Riesling Kartell.

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Weingut Paulushof

Tobias Dahm
Im Wingert 42
56862 Pünderich


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