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We drink Swiss Francs!

When I asked about suitable options, I found what I was looking for in the Rheingau - in two ways:
On the one hand, I discovered the perfect winery for my new venture in the so-called "Riesling Riviera". On the other hand, I met the then managing director of one of the world's most important associations for premium wines: Eva Raps. You will probably not be surprised that our stimulating business relationship quickly became a love affair, and that we are now married and run the winery together.
Since I come from Switzerland and Eva comes from Franconia, it was our stated goal to combine our different origins and traditions and merge them into a new whole with our wine. This is how the idea was born to produce the CHF, Swiss franc, as an experimental, intracellularly fermented "orange" wine. Furthermore, we chose Silvaner, which is a rather unusual grape variety for the Rheingau* region. We have thus successfully transitioned from traditional to avant-garde. Even after years, the wine with its very fine tannin structure, is still as stable as the Swiss currency. A typical Swiss franc!


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VDP Weingut Kaufmann

Urban Kaufmann & Eva Raps
Rheinallee 6
65347 Eltville–Hattenheim

Phone : 06723/2475

Growing Area Rheingau

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