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Tradition can bind us — but sometimes it can be confusing as well. Our estate has borne the Reuscher-Haart name for centuries, but my grandmother Maria ended up being the last proper "Reuscher" to work here. She married a young man from Trier named Schwang. And thus began the explanation game: my name is Mario Schwang and I am owner and vintner at Weingut Reuscher-Haart. The question perpetually arises from our customers as to why the Schwang name isn't on the label.

The answer is simple, and as Mosel as it gets: because we on the Mosel are true to our roots. Because we are bound by tradition. And, as a side note: just look at that fantastic coat-of-arms! All kidding aside: I did feel that it would be a bit of a personal badge of honor to put my own name on one of the labels. So we decided to make a virtue out of a "traditional obligation."

The wine would have to be a truly special one. One that played with tradition, one that had that classic Mosel stubbornness deep inside, but also one that lived up to my own expectations for a modern wine. A wine that is both playful and expressive — "überschwänglich," as we say in German. And thus the name was born: ÜberSchwang! My father, Mosel born and bred, was a bit skeptical. He worried the customers might think it too frivolous. ÜberSchwang has since become a best-seller and a prize winner, not to mention a customer favorite. A wine that carries my own entirely personal philosophy inside: a bit of Mosel stoic, a dash of pure effusiveness. Schwang to the core.

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Weingut Reuscher-Haart

Mario Schwang
St. Michaelstraße 20/22
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