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Winelovers without Borders

Our winery wasn’t meant to be in Forst where it is today. According to legend, our family wanted to emigrate from Pfeffingen to America. However, because each of the five sons at that time fell in love with a Forster girl, we only moved a few villages away. However, the longing for the big, wide world remained and even today we still like to cross borders to broaden our horizons. California, South Tyrol, Austria or New Zealand are not only great holiday destinations, but for us, they are also the perfect places for internships - and expanding our experience when it comes to growing, developing and selling our wines.
This openness does not only pay off in viticulture. After my training as a winemaker in 2008, I was persuaded by a good friend to do an internship in California. At the local winery there, I met an Italian man Nicola, who was also persuaded by a good friend to go abroad. And as luck would have it, we not only got to know each other through our passion for wine, but also fell in love.

Even after our four-month internship finished, we stayed in touch, and kept visiting each other - despite the language barrier! I didn't speak Italian and Nicola didn't speak German, so we more or less communicated with our hands and feet. After a year, Nicola decided not to go to France, but instead to come to the Pfalz and do his master's degree at Geisenheim. He is now fluent in ‘Pfalzish’ as well as Hochdeutsch and we have been married since 2017. And that's just the beginning of our shared wine story  ...


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