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Nahe - Rhine-Nahe Wine Hiking Trail

Not only the wines of the Nahe offer variety and diversity, but also the Rhine-Nahe wine hiking trail. The approx. 90 km route from Bingen to Kirn, traverses lush green meadows, forests, striking rock clusters, deep valleys, castles, vineyards and villages. This trail is more about enjoyment than sporting prowess.

We want to concentrate on the particularly beautiful section from Schloßböckelheim to Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg, which measures around 17 kilometers. The starting point of our hike is the Heimberg tower, 1 km west of Schloßböckelheim. The 29m-high lookout tower was built on the 302m Heimberg mountain and offers a wonderful view of the Hunsrück, the Taunus, parts of Rheinhessen, the Naheland and the North Pfalz highlands when the visibility is clear. Use this as motivation for taking on the challenge of 144 stairs, it’s well worth it.

If we follow the hiking path from here to the east, we will pass the ruins of Böckelheim Castle. The particulars of the construction of this mighty fortress lie in the darkness of history and potentially date back to the 9th century.

We walk through scenic landscape, following the markings, descending then reascending, up to the former State of Niederhausen wine-growing domain. From there, we continue on the wine trail which then leads us about 6 kilometers, over the heights through a wide, picturesque wine landscape until we reach Norheim. This idyllic location, first mentioned in 766, is the oldest wine village on the Nahe. We can enjoy a good nourishing drop e.g. at the Brunnenhof winery.

Leaving Norheim behind us, the truly impressive Rotenfels lies in front of us, which at 327 meters is the steepest rockface between the Alps and Scandinavia. The huge rock massif takes its name from the reddish rhyolite from which it is made.

From Rotenfels we enjoy a wonderful view of our next destination, Bad Münster am Stein Ebernburg. Now for a steep ascent to the 136-meter-high Rheingrafenstein with the castle ruin of the same name. Again our efforts are rewarded by the breathtaking views.

The town, which is made up of two municipalities, only received city rights in 1978. Ebernburg, particularly since 1969, has been intensively cultivating its viticulture tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. As a health resort, Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg is not only characterized by its mineral-containing Rheingrafen springs, but also by the fact that it is one of only five German spas to have natural radon. This radioactive noble gas is used through a unique inhalation system to alleviate numerous health complaints.

However, let’s not get sidetracked, but rather strengthen ourselves now, then relax with regional wines and delicacies from the Nahe after the 17-kilometer route is completed. These are many restaurants to choose from - "Weinaurant Bach" (Lindenalle 1), "Weinhotel Schneider" (Gartenweg 2), "Hotel Naheschlösschen - Restaurant Jahreszeiten" (Berlinerstraße 69) or "Ebernburger Hof" (Triftstraße 1). In the high season, numerous Straußwirtschaften (temporary wine bars) also invite you to enjoy their local offerings.

The last part of our journey is to head to the train station where we can find numerous transport connections, such as the fast RegionalExpress RE 3 on the Nahe route from Mainz to Saarbrücken.

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Rhine-Nahe Wine Hiking Trail


Schlossböckelheim - Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg


Schlossböckelheim - Heimbergturm


Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg


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Route Character

Predominantly wide Agricultural tracks and enough refreshment stops to make it a thoroughly enjoyable hike. Rock clusters, valleys and steep slopes, however, call for stamina inbetween stops.


Parking available in Schloßstrasse and in the street "Zum Felsenberg", also at the cemetery

Route Contact

Weinland Nahe e.V.

Burgenlandstraße 7
55543 Bad Kreuznach

Phone: +49 671 / 834050


Bad Kreuznach
Bäderhaus Bad Kreuznach

Idar Oberstein
Edelsteinmine Idar Oberstein

Bad Sobernheim
Barfußpfad Bad Sobernheim

Bad Münster
Draisinentour Bad Münster

Historischer Ortsrundgang Herrstein


There are at least 65 Straußwirtschaften ( seasonal wine bars) on the Nahe, as registered in the "Straußenliste" of the Weinland Nahe Association.

Information about these “Straußen” can be found in the brochure “Enjoyment on the Nahe”, which can be obtained from the association's office in Bad Kreuznach - or at weinland-nahe.de/en.

The association "Gastland Nahe e.V." publishes a small vineyard guide every year. This brochure is also available from most tourist information offices and hotels.

Recommendations for hotels and restaurants

Weingut & Gästehaus Wagner

Zum Felsenberg 3
55596 Schloßböckelheim

Phone: +49 6758 / 1274

Restaurant & Landhotel Niederthäler Hof

Niederthäler Hof 1
55596 Schlossböckelheim

Phone: +49 6758 / 969391

Weingut Mathern - Gästehaus Alte Schule"

Winzerstraße 5-7
55585 Niederhausen / Nahe

Phone: +49 6758 / 6714


Gut Hermannsberg

Ehemalige Weinbaudomäne
55585 Niederhausen / Nahe

Phone: +49 6758 / 9250 - 0

Weingut & Gästehaus Beisiegel

Hauptstraße 8
55595 Traisen

Phone: +49 671 / 34336

Hotel Ebernburgerhof

Triftstraße 1
55583 Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg

Phone: +49 6708 / 6295 - 0

Hotel Naheschlösschen & Restaurant Jahreszeiten

Berlinerstraße 69
55583 Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg

Phone: +49 6708 / 661031

Weinhotel Schneider

Gartenweg 2
55583 Bad Münster am Stein Ebernburg

Phone: +49 6708 / 2043

Weinrestaurant Bach

Lindenallee 11
55583 Bad Münster am Stein Ebernburg

Phone: +49 6708 / 1202